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Alexia - Alexia is a belly dance performer, choreographer and instructor in Central New Jersey. Besides teaching classes at Princeton University, Alexia, (Kim Leary) is Artistic Director of the Drum & Dance Learning Center. She has performed and taught as an artist-in-residence throughout the tri-state area.

Alexia's Bellydance and Beyond - This is a dance studio in Lawrence NJ that teaches a variety of drum styles (Middle Eastern, Irish, American Kit, West African) and dance styles (Egyptian, Turkish, Romani, West African, Hip Hop Fusion). Shushanna has been one of the instructors from time to time.

Amalia - Amalia is belly dancer and instructor in Philadelphia, PA. She has appeared at restaurants and dance events throughout the tri-state area, and in her home state of California. Her energetic and dynamic performances have captivated audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Her love of and commitment to Middle Eastern dance and desire to share her enthusiasm has made her a highly respected and sought after performer and instructor.

Anasma - Anasma is Performance Arts Dancer, Teacher, and Choreographer currently based in New York City and Paris. She is a highly sought after instructor and performer, and is a rare and beautiful gem of a person.

Carmine - Carmine Guida is a Middle Eastern music teacher, performer and composer from Manhattan. Known in some circles as Gelf the Elf.

Dellaneira - Dellaneira is a lovely and talented profession bellydancer from the Philadelphia area.

Djinn - Djinn is an awesome band from New York. Brooklyn's own "East Coast Tribal" style music ranging from traditional Middle Eastern to an experimental blending of traditional instruments with electronic and beat boxing.

Elements of Bellydance - In January 2011, Shushanna Productions presented four amazing workshops on the Elements of Bellydance with four breath-taking and inspiring dancers and instructors, including a spectacular Gala Performance.

Fatima Bassmah - Fatima Bassmah performs Egyptian cabaret influenced by Lebanese style belly dance and modern Egyptian dance. Involved in dance for over 10 years, she continues to study under two of the most influential teachers in the Philadelphia area, Habiba and Valerie Rushmere.

Folk Tours - Folk Tours is an annual camp held in Green Lane Pennsylvania and Turkey that offers educational and entertaining music and dance to build bridges between countries.

The Gilded Serpent - The Gilded Serpent is an online bellydance magazine written for bellydancers by bellydancers. The topics of the articles include reviews of new DVDs and events, advice, news, and opinion pieces, among others.

Ishtar - Ishtar is a Bellyrock band from Pittsburg PA. Their innovative sound combines clarinet, surfer style electric guitar, and traditional middle eastern percussion.

King of the Nile - This company from Egypt designs and creates beautiful costumes, sells Assuit (Tulle bi Telle), unique hip scarves and accessories. You can get things custom made to your measurements.

Lloyd David Photography - David Fore of Lloyd David Photography is a wonderful photographer from Philadelphia, and as well as shooting weddings and portraits, he specializes in bellydance photography. David Fore is artist behind many of Shushanna's iconic photos.

Maqam World - Maqam World is a non-commercial, educational web site dedicated to helping musicians understand the maqam or modal system used in classical Arabic music.

Melissa Murphey - Melissa, also known as the Clarinet Chick, formed the Classic Bellyrock Band, Ishtar. Melissa also co-founded Jalsah, a community participation music event held nationwide. In addition to teaching Middle Eastern Ensemble workshops, her sheet music can be downloaded at Dorku.com.

Michelle DeVine - Dancer, instructor, choreographer, and the organizer of the largest bellydance festivals on the east coast: Rakkasah East and Spring Caravan.

NJBellydancing.com - The most comprehensive list for *anything* and *everything* Belly Dance in New Jersey. New Jersey Belly Dancing was created to provide a resource for New Jersey teachers, students, performers, musicians, vendors, promoters and fans of Belly Dancing in New Jersey and the tri-state area.

Onesti Photography - Christopher Onesti is a very talented photographer in the Philadelphia area, and he is the artist behind many of Shushanna's iconic photographs.

Philly Hafla - Shushanna Productions runs the Philly Hafla, an event where all of the Middle Eastern dancers and musician of Philadelphia can get together and have a great time. The goal of this event is to help build the local music and dance community. Dancers and musicians of all levels, styles and backgrounds are welcome to perform. Contact Shushanna if you are interested in performing.

PhillyRaqs.com - This website is for belly dancers and those interested in belly dancing in the Greater Philadelphia area, including Southeastern Pennsylvania, Northern Delaware, South Jersey and Central Pennsylvania.

Rakkasah- Rakkasah is a family of four bellydance festivals that occur annually throughout the United States. The festivals are all kicked off with a week-long workshop featuring internationally known Belly Dancing, Folk Dancing, and Music Teachers. A sea of vendors, costumes, and goodies surround stages that have non stop performances all weekend for each festival. It is Bellydancer Heaven.

Shira.net - Shira.net is an excellent resourse for bellydancers and Middle Eastern musicians. Shira lists articles for all types of advice, lyrics for traditional songs, and a list of teachers througout the world.

Shushanna Designs: How to Make Costumes - Shushanna has created a series of online costuming tutorials that can help you repair, alter, and create your own bellydance costumes. These costuming tutorials are completely free. The user criteria are that if you quote her work online, you include a link back, and if you print the tutorials you include the URLs in the header or footer of each page. This give credit and also makes it easier for others to find and benefit from the online tutorials.

Shushanna Productions - Shushanna has produced several Middle Eastern music and dance events in Philadelphia, including Jalsah Philly, the Elements of Bellydance festival, and the Philly Hafla. All Shushanna Productions ultimately have one goal - to help build the Philadelphia Middle Eastern music and dance community.

Silkdancer - The dancer and artisan also known as Shaula is an expert on all things silk. Her objective is to strenghten the tradition of Belly Dance through education and high quality performance technique, incorporating both traditional and cutting edge fusion choreography.

Studio 1831 - Studio 1831, run by expert bellydancer and instructor Valerina, is a bellydance and yoga studio in Philadelphia, PA. Shushanna currently teach the class Bellydance with Props on Sundays at 1pm.

Suhaila Salimpour - Suhaila Salimpour is a world renowned teacher, performer and choreographer of Middle Eastern dance. She is the daughter of Jamila Salimpour - the mother of American Bellydance, and she has devised a method of teaching bellydance that has revolutionized the art form.

Theatrical Bellydance Conference - This is an amazing conference of workshops and series of performances coproduced by Anasma and Ranya Renée of New York City.

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