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I made my first bellydance costume before I took my first bellydance class. Oh, the joys of Larping! It was a chiffon skirt in burgundy and navy blue made to match a satin bikini top I already had and decorated with coins. Needless to say it was very basic and not very good, but we all need to start somewhere. Since then I've made more costume pieces than I can count, and I'm sure I've forgotten some of them. The lists below are not exhaustive. For the ones on which I have photos or tutorials I provide links. Feel free to try to make your own versions of these designs, or better yet let these projects inspire you to make your own fabulous creations.

List of Bellydance Costume Projects:
~The Ruby Costume
~The Ivory Assuit with Pearls Costume
~The Half-Made Blue Faux-Bella (An Alteration Project)
~The Gold Filigree Bedlah
~The Silver Lotus Bedlah
~The Lavender Velvet with Silver Ivy Costume
~The Smoke Costume
~The Burgundy Velvet Bedlah
~The Steel Gray Coin Bedlah

List of Other Costume Projects:
~16th Century Italian Garnet Garb. NEW!!!
~16th Century Emerald Green Tudor Gown
~16th Century Ottoman Turkish Wardrobe
~Victorian Inspired Full Length Coat with Goldwork Embroidery
~Wonder Woman
~Snow White
~Blood Red Arwen Dress
~White Trench Coat and Pants
~Light Blue Edwardian Tea Gown
~1930s Evening Gown
~1920s Gold Sequin Flappers Dress
~Blue Pleather Knee High Spatz with Lace, And Matching Fingerless Gloves
~Miniature Top Hat Fascinator
~Burgundy Pinstriped Zoot Suit
~Green Corduroy Elbow Length Circle Cape
~Paisley Velvet Full Length Circle Cloak with Beaded Hood

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